BUCO Partners with Ranyaka to Build Communities!

This year, BUCO Hardware a division of The Building Company decided to embark on a journey with Ranyaka Community Transformation, an NPO that works hand-in-hand with communities, local stakeholders, all levels of government and investors to develop and implement transformation strategies for towns and communities across South Africa.

“At BUCO we focus our initiatives on those of building, structural and aesthetic improvements, which have synergy with our core business – building materials! That’s why BUCO is committed to making meaningful contributions to the communities that we operate in through assisting formally registered organisations that are focused on restoring, rebuilding and or renovating spaces, which resonates with our slogan “Let’s Build Together”- Lesego Moagi, Group Executive Marketing for The Building Company.

This year BUCO has committed to assisting with four projects in collaboration with Ranyaka – called Fix My Space Projects! These projects are located around Cape Town where BUCO has a relatively wide store footprint.

The shared journey opens many doors for communities, entrepreneurs and school children in surrounding neighbourhoods, especially during these tough times.

Stellenbosch Economic Hub, central Stellenbosch

In 2019, Ranyaka was awarded a 10-year lease by the Stellenbosch municipality to transform the disused Victoria Street clinic into a first-of-its-kind economic hub. This national heritage building holds immense potential but is in dire need of renovation and transformation so that it can become a welcoming and functional space that will open doors to economic inclusion for local entrepreneurs. From a building with a rich history to a facility that creates brighter tomorrows, the old clinic is centrally located in a town where office, retail and meeting space come at a premium.  The hub will provide hot desking, office, meeting and training spaces; space to introduce local products to the Stellenbosch and local, as well as international tourism markets; and a space where networking, mentorship and connection can take place – across socio-economic divides. BUCO contributed a wide variety of building materials, supplies and equipment for interior renovation of the structure and courtyard and are working hand-in-hand with Ranyaka to make their vision come to life.

Breughel Theatre complex, Cloetesville, Stellenbosch

What was once a theatre and drama training facility that produced some of South Africa’s most renowned actors, is today a community centre that serves the people of Cloetesville in Stellenbosch through a wide range of activities and support services. The Breughel Theatre opened its doors officially in 1989. Community members themselves built the actual structure. Over time, as the need for social support services in the community increased, the focus shifted from theatre to community upliftment. In a neighbourhood plagued by gender-based violence, gangsterism, crime, substance abuse and unemployment, it became clear that the centrally-located Breughel with its versatile facilities could be put to good use to serve the community of Cloetesville. Many of the rooms in the facility are currently not being utilised at all as they are in dire need of renovation. A kitchen revamp would unlock new opportunities such as catering for events, which could, in turn, generate an income for the centre. BUCO contributed building materials and equipment for the kitchen revamp and general repairs/renovation to the various rooms in the centre to take their beloved Breughel to the next level through an exciting renovation and transformation project.

Farming for the Future, Klapmuts

The Covid-19 pandemic has placed renewed emphasis on the importance of investing in food security. In the community of Klapmuts, an Early Childhood Development (ECD) centre now proudly boasts a brand-new vegetable tunnel as part of the Farming for the Future project which was launched at the centre last year. The construction of the tunnel was completed at the end of June 2020, BUCO contributed water tanks, wheelbarrows, spades, rakes and watering cans. Ranyaka, in collaboration with their green technology partners, African Data Technologies, launched the Farming for the Future initiative with the purpose of testing a model where seedlings are grown at ECD centres, purchased from these centres and then donated to surrounding households. These households receive training and assistance in replanting these seedlings in their own garden and in due time, harvesting their own farm-to-table vegetables. The project not only addresses food security in the community, it also serves as an income generator for the ECD centre and households who grow the veggies and herbs for resale. The project also educates children at ECD centres that you can ‘farm’ in your own backyard to supplement your dinner with nutritious fresh produce. In addition, the model assists communities to become increasingly self-sustainable and more resilient.

Chicago (Paarl) Fix My Space programme

The Chicago Development Initiative in Paarl is a community-centred, multi-faceted programme involving local residents. As part of the broader transformation plan for the area, local Fix My Space projects will include the refurbishment of a number of residential units in the community, as well as an exciting garden transformation project at the Orleansvale Primary School. The garden project at the School will witness the transformation of a beautiful piece of open land which is totally underutilised yet offers tremendous opportunities for both the school and surrounding community. The vision is an exciting one: Feel-good spaces will be designated for play and outdoor classrooms for teaching. Food gardens will allow children to learn about growing their own nutritious fresh produce whilst boosting food security in the neighbourhood. BUCO contributed cement, concrete ready mix for footpaths, LED floodlights, water tanks to collect rainwater, spades, rakes, wheelbarrows and watering cans to recreate this area into an array of outdoor spaces where learning, recreation, food production and even therapeutic interventions can take place.