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The Building Company Group’s purpose is to use its building expertise to do good for individuals, businesses, families, communities and society - Building Lives, Building Homes and Building Communities!

We are therefore committed to impacting society in a positive way – being a socially responsible corporate citizen. Our Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is driven by the concept of SIYAKHA, meaning “We are Building”.

We focus our CSI initiatives on those of building, structural and aesthetic improvements, which has synergy with our core business-building materials!

To achieve this, we are therefore committed to making meaningful contributions to the communities that we operate in through assisting formally registered organisations that are focused on restoring, rebuilding and or renovating spaces or where the products we provide can be used to supplement projects.


BUCO CSI Ranyaka

A wise man once said: “A fundamental concern for others in our individual and community lives would go a long way in making the world the better place we so passionately dreamt of” - that man was Nelson Mandela. Although this quote is not our Corporate Social Investment (CSI) mission statement, it underpins and encapsulates [...]

BUCO CSI Ranyaka

An inspired partnership has finally come to fruition - in July the CoCreate Economic Development Hub in Stellenbosch will open its doors to local community entrepreneurs. The result of collaborative partnership, the CoCreate Hub initiative started in 2019 when the Building Company’s CSI partner, Ranyaka Community Transformation, was awarded a ten-year lease for a historic [...]


For many years, a historic building in the tree-lined Victoria Street in Stellenbosch was home to a popular community clinic. When the facility closed its doors, this beautiful structure had to wait patiently for close to a decade before the time came for a dramatic make-over. The journey started when, in 2019, the Stellenbosch Municipality [...]

BUCO Hardware, together with Ranyaka Community Transformation an NPO, aided Klapmuts Junior Academy with building supplies for the installation of their vegetable garden which launched during lockdown.

This year, BUCO Hardware a division of The Building Company decided to embark on a journey with Ranyaka Community Transformation, an NPO that works hand-in-hand with communities, local stakeholders, all levels of government and investors to develop and implement transformation strategies for towns and communities across South Africa.